Beware the hybrid green hippy fairy dust.

I recently learned of the newly coined term Negawatt, a number so Huge it wraps around the universe and appears behind you like a creepy uncle. It is so special it requires a symbol to distinguish it from other, more mundane, numbers (the symbol “-” may already be familiar to many of you).

You can sell this NegaWatt, thus creating a Capital Hole in the fiscal ecosystem that swallows up debt like a dehydrated frog. The Hole is passed along like a, erm, something that gets passed around a lot (hot potato?) from client to service provider until it reaches the tax man who then gives it back whilst flipping the bird to the bourgeoisie.

But as you sell more NegaWatts, so they get smaller until they eventually disappear entirely into clouds of hybrid green hippy fairy dust, leaving you nothing more to sell except:

  • more NegaWatts until your circular marketing creates an unexpected black hole **
  • the fear of releasing real MegaWatts out of their rampant starved caged fury

[**] apparently this has already happened to the other you.