I built some pretty decent phone voice prompts using Google’s Text-to-Speech API and a bit of file conversion. This saves a lot of time wasted trying to record messages with humans.

I was looking to record a holiday message for Episodic’s IVR. We use 3CX as a PBX for some of our voice channels. 3CX does allow you to record your messages directly as well as upload your own recordings, however, I didn’t want to waste time stammering and stuttering into my phone to get the “perfect take” nor wait a few days to get it done by a voice…

Google’s Cloud Endpoints has ESPv2 in beta so I pieced together a short journey into on how to set up and deploy a Google Cloud Function that is invoked only via a Cloud Endpoint (and throw and API Key into the mix).

Worth noting, of course, is that this was authored for ESPv2 Beta and is in response to struggling mightily around:

Also worth noting is that Google Cloud’s API Gateway is in Beta which should ultimately replace Cloud Endpoints in this “API proxy” style usage.

The struggle was quite simply on how to…

What happens to your Firebase Auth user record as you use multiple identity providers and make updates?

The docs may be great but the use cases are tricky.

Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash

Where does the Profile Info Come From?

The sort of fields that Firebase uses for profile info are

  • display name
  • email / phone number
  • profile pic URL

(That’s enough for now, the rest is largely metadata.)

When a user signs up on a site using the Firebase Client SDK:

firebase.auth().createUserWithEmailAndPassword(email, password)

A record is created within the Firebase Auth database and all that has been provided is the email and password. …

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to creating a service account that has delegated domain-wide access to your GSuite domain so that you can use various APIs to access and modify settings and data for your users.

My specific example simply accesses the Gmail sendAs addresses for any of the users in the domain. You could quite easily continue and modify Gmail signatures.

Many of the online tutorials on the subject focus on using OAuth user credentials that require consent to ensure that the relevant permissions are granted. …

It feels dirty, but sometimes you have no choice but to send your data over email. We’ve all done it, we’re not saying we’re specifically proud of it but we’ve learned to live with the shame. Here’s how you can too.

Some of these scenarios might be familiar to you:

  1. You need regular data from a vendor product and all it supports is an unsecured, unreliable FTP server or CSV attached to an email. This is probably the most common scenario and, in some industries, still the done thing. …

Copper (formerly Prosperworks) has a killer feature in their API that I just love.

Imagine if Labrador Retrievers had an API.

You wouldn’t constantly poll the poor animal to see if it wants to fetch a stick, the poor animal would go mad. What usually happens is you throw a stick when the dog nudges you with a meaningful look and a stick.

Conversely, you would feed the dog when it’s time to be fed. You wouldn’t feed it every time it nudges you with a meaningful look [1].

When APIs behave the same way, things start to look rather elegant.

You feed the API with your posts, puts, gets and deletes…

Beware the hybrid green hippy fairy dust.

I recently learned of the newly coined term Negawatt, a number so Huge it wraps around the universe and appears behind you like a creepy uncle. It is so special it requires a symbol to distinguish it from other, more mundane, numbers (the symbol “-” may already be familiar to many of you).

You can sell this NegaWatt, thus creating a Capital Hole in the fiscal ecosystem that swallows up debt like a dehydrated frog. The Hole is passed along like a, erm, something that gets passed around a lot (hot potato?) …

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